Exploring the World's Last Great Temperate Rainforests.

Overlooking Power Creek.
Overlooking Power Creek - SE Alaska's Coastal Chugach Range, July 2006

Veil of Mosses Welcome to Rainforest Treks. This site briefly documents my greatest personal passion... exploring (first-hand) some of the last great "wet" places on earth. Unsatisfied with guidebooks or second-hand stories, I experience such places with my own legs & senses, often with no trails to guide the way. Speed is not my aim. I choose to take my time, probing deeply into Service Falls the tapestry of North America's greatest remaining forests, and (in some way) help preserve a land I've grown to deeply know and love. I hope to never stop. Take a look inside, and let me show you why...

The past year has been an eventful one for me, with finally completing my overland solo trek (the first of its kind) along the length of Baranof Island in SE Alaska (summer 2011), and just this next week I'm heading to Greenland! Granted, that has nothing to do with rain forests, 'tis true, but I only have one website, so I'll talk about it here nonetheless. I've planned (and am finally getting to execute) a research trip through work, taking measurements on the surface of the SE Greenland Ice Sheet. I'm not spending much time now talking about it, but hopefully I can add some updates soon! In the meantime, peruse the site at will!

As always, feel free to contact me anytime.

In the meantime, Happy Exploring, and perhaps some day we'll meet under a damp green canopy,